Just want to share some picture of last week arrivals.
Finally received a business cards I ordered. They have my facebook profile timeline design 😉

I love the beautiful design by Moo.com. Even the box looks pretty and with a smart idea to collect cards of others 🙂

The quote says: “Doing What You Like Is Freedom. Liking What You Do Is Happiness.” by Frank Tyger.

Paper is from sustainable forest and the box is from recycled. By the way Moo also has a 100% recycle business card set for those who want to go totally Green.


Another thing – I’ve got some package from Thailand 🙂 But the package was just an another package to send Starbucks Mugs to the girl who collects Starbucks Mugs. 😀

Whity helps me to unwrap 😛

And  there was also a beautiful picture card from Bangkok.

Cats helped me to unwrap the package 🙂

And I finally got me a new Easel:

Brazilian one, made from Bamboo

 photos by me, i.e. by Yulia Katkova

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