At night I was checking how to get those 2 badges and accidentally understood I might have them. Here the explanation:

Ziggy’s Wagon:

Ziggy's Wagoon - Food Truck

Try to remember where you have a near food trucks  and make check-in in 3 of them. But important – venues should be in category Food Truck. And it is not confirmed that check-ins in venues tagged “food truck” but not food truck category will bring you this badge.

Animal House:

Animal House

Just make a search for venues tagged “frat boys”, then visit 3 different ones and check-in there.

P. S. Too bad still can get “Warhol” & “Great Outdoors”. Well for “Warhol” not enough visited galleries. And I hope I figured out the Great Outdoors, but still not sure, need to visit all those 7 different venues which have main category “Park / Outdoor” But it shouldn’t be only parks.

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