I am Ghirardelli and I am dreaming about a girl. Once I was in love with a beautiful lady, hmm well she was a baby-lady. But she was very very pretty. Though she even didn’t have a name. Here her picture:

I am still watching her pictures that Yulia took and remember the time few weeks while she was here with me. So sad she was a present for a small girl.

Then I had a time of thinking of my life, and making friends over here, missing my home city – San-Francisco, missing my friends and most of Chocolate Ghirardelli. Month ago my dad was in NY and he promised me to find a girl. I truly believed he would bring her. He did brought me a girl as he said, but she is a piece of art (“Girl with many eyes” by Tim Burton), she is not a person. It’s same as he brought me “Mona Lisa”.

She is a wonderful toy, but she is not my girlfriend.

Now all last days I was thinking about a dream-girl for me. Who may it be… And I stepped upon flickr images of fabulous dolls: Blythe Doll… So cute girls… But I am not sure if my humans buy me her (price $40 – 200). However Yulia likes them too. So everything is possible.

Then I looked more and found girls with chicken faces with brand-name – Dall ( price – $31.99 – 120). Yulia likes them too. But i should search the size of them, ’cause what if they are taller than me, or too small.

Meanwhile I am searching the height as of Blythe as of Dall, I saw elder sisters of Dall – Pullip ( $31.99 – 155.99). About this one Yulia said cute. And I think she looks like Scarlett Johansson, same as Yulia’s mom said me.

And then I found one unbelievable beautiful doll Supia – Yisol. Well I began to look for the price of this one, and found she sells by $375. But she is soo amazing, however don’t much me by size, she is 42,5 cm.

Well I saw many girls by internet, but still cant decide which one be my dream-girl. Well time will show, may be it will be a teddy bear… Ok, we will see it

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