This “Model” appeared first as a repeating drawing in my sketch book. I was drawing her many many time. I just wanted to draw something, some simple drawing, but she all the time followed me. And I was drawing her. I like to draw a lot with simple pen. And She was draw exactly that way. I will make a post one day about my pen-drawings, where I will put some photos of them.
2004 I was studying, had some empty canvases and a Big Desire to develop my style. So I was painting those sketches that followed me. Nothing more…
But hidden idea appeared itself ?and replaced empty context of just simple sketches. And now you see work about artist’s model. Who is like a bird in the cage of his/painters bohemian life. She gazing to window like a hope she has. ?She is tired of being in frames, that is surrounding her.

Anyway now I think even under this easy written context I can see my thoughts of that time. I felt like I live in cage. And that I need changes in my life.
Her body changes colors in some parts, for me it says about she is like a chameleon looking for a suitable position. Well in my case I also was searching for it, for position, which will make me feel comfortable, for balance and? for harmony.

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