Life is the second example of a sketches that i was doing for my degree-work in the art school. But it was not approved. Teachers said that it look like cartoon or book graphic. And that they were wrong asking me to search something else, that the first sketch was soo great, and I just wasted time doing another ones. Anyway I am finding this one more interesting for me. Cause even that time I noticed that I prefer more to paint and draw surrealism, but not 2D. I don’t know why my mind do not think in 2D. I was trying many times doing abstraction, well it happened, but I always finding myself beginning to add a volume to shapes. And to be really honest I am finding impossibly difficult to keep myself thinking and see things not in 3D.

Anyway that time I was really disappointed because of words about this second sketch.
And I had to convey the pencil sketch from A4 to 105 & 135 cm, exactly the same, so I was using a grid method. Sketch was exactly the same as was work, the only difference was cat, cause I changed this character later to more suited one. The pencil sketch looked something like that:

I don’t know why I came to create work with such meaning. I just remember I was long time thinking about what could I do. That year when I was painting those works at the first time for history of my art school we were allowed to make works in Surrealism. And I remember I was making many sketches before accidentally I just began to draw and just watching where the pencil will bring me. And this B & W sketch has appeared that way.
My classmates I remember also were trying to create a surrealistic works, but anyway all of them made a realistic, something classical for degree work.

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