So today I’d like to tell about paints I am using in my Palette. So first of all I am gonna paste an image which will show the colors I am usually using:

I usually put them all to palette when begin painting. And in days when I just continue I just add a colors I need right now. But if I need like refresh myself for this painting I take off all colors from palette and put them all again, well usually it happens when I there is not clean space for fresh thoughts.
People usually use ochre color a lot or like main color. Long time I didn’t use this color, reason: a. I don’t like, b. in my case it made a dirt, like all colors convert to dirty. So I stopped to use it. Then my friends made me a present with many different oil colors, where were also some ochre colors. So currently I have but still not use as usually people do. I use only when I feel I need to put this color. Though anyway many of my paintings don’t include this color. Same happens with different browns… I usually got the color as of ochre as of brown mixed other colors and it looks more interesting colors then when I use just those colors. Or in my case I can use this colors only when I make a copy in flemish style.

Following colors Cadmium Red Deep really the same color… But I use them both and I will tell you why, Master Class edition is a real color natural I mean, and when you use it you see as light reflected inside the color. In “Ladoga” edition cadmium red deep goes like Imitation what mean color not natural. And it looks like toothpaste, not transparent and light doesn’t go through. But if to combine both those colors, red looks very real and not dead.

Here goes another Red ones. One Red Vermilion one of necessary red color for me, before in ru edition I used it with name Cadmium Red Light, same color. It also helps to make a red color more real. And Magenta Medium looks like dark pink color. Wel for my palette is very important to have many different red colors. ‘Cause I think that all include red, and as right red as better looks other colors. I noticed that sometimes it is really difficult to get that right combination of red colors. Red is one of the colors which is difficult to repeat on canvas the one u see in reality.

“Russian Green” also cool color, I used it in shadows, and mix with red to get deep dark color. Like to use with ultramorine when make the dark parts of glass.

White could be 3 types of white Titanium, Zinc and Alkyd. Alkyd as I know the best, ’cause has the best time of drying up. Zinc the one who reflect the light inside, but has the most long time to be dried up. I use Titanium, in surrealistic paintings and in ones i need it was ready quickly. I never used Alkyd one. Zinc I use in copies and sometimes in portraits. or sometimes when don’t have another white color.

Different purple colors, well i use them usually not mixed i shadows like such purple reflection. Sometime mix, but they are usually dissolve in another color too much.

These Naples colors are cool for skins. And for different light moments of paintings.

Turquoise and Chrome-Cobalt, Master Class one is natural, but a bit dark color. And a bit dirty. Turquoise looks very real though imitation.

I also use different yellows. That also gives many different colors of other colors, like of green, of orange, and etc.

So that is most important colors I use in my paintings.

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