So today I finally began this my new selfportrait. Though few times was gonna stop myself at the morning and begin next week. Well I had few reasons to change my decision.?
First of all I awoke a bit later in 9.20, and had breakfast till 10.30 reading emails, and bible(I usually read 1 chapter in day and usually find there some answer of what i m thinking ). Then I thought too much time I lost ’cause awoke later and still need to wash hair & to put it in order. Then I said well but I wanted to paint today and I will do it, nothing will stop me.
Second I finally put myself in order spent just 15 mnutes and was ok… But I had no time all week to go to order me new contact glasses. My ones had a problem and I do not use them, only in cases if i need to make some photos and I need to see and be without usual glasses. Because of my ones are old, protein pimples appeared on the out surface of them. So I can support many things but that is very difficult to stand when smth is itching your eyes when you blink. Well anyway I was obsessed of idea of this new painting so I decided I will begin ANYWAY, as I said before, nothing will stop me!

Third reason when I was already about to leave idea of panting today is when I was puting this big canvas 110 x 80 cm to tripod… I needed somebody to help me ’cause tripod doesn’t want to stand while I puting canvas. It all the time fell LOL, opened its legs… Well after it fell 3 or 4 times I was really angry, plus contact glasses hurt my eyes, this F!!cking tripod is falling and falling. I just scream to my poor tripod, name it who it is ( lol in russian, ’cause in that language such words are more powerfull xD… well I made it soo loud even my favorite noisy neighbours became silent, probably didn’t understand my words, decided that I was angry at them…) Anyway I got calm understanding that this poor not alive thing – tripod understood that I want to paint today and it must help me. So after all those words it stood well as I needed it and didn’t fall more.
So well finally I began it… Even though I had no so much time ’cause of eyes… But anyway I got some result for today, And here I am publishing it…..

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