Stil-life breakfast appeared in Summer 2004…
I had idea to paint a still-life with frying eggs on red drapery. This one was the first still-life I painted in that series… I remember it was summer day… My summer-holidays and my cousin called me to go to swimming pool… But I just sit and just begin, and idea to go spend time in swimming pool didn’t admire me, as this still-life… Plus all was prepared for still-life…

Anyway many people who know me usually wondering that eggs look tasteful (’cause I have allergy for eggs and hen… And I don’t like a taste of eggs. For me is possible to eat eggs may be maximum? 2-3 times in 3 or 4 month) Well, first one looks ok… But I felt something was wrong with it… I didn’t like a dimensions?of it… And I decided to paint a second one and to use only pan and egg… And yeah really if to compare the second eggs looks of course much much better… In that time I was using a black big pan, which makes a good contrast with eggs and draperies. Second one also appeared in Summer 2004, few weeks over I finished first one.

07. Still-life_with_the_checkered_drapery

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