As I was telling in my post ?White? idea appeared accidentally in one hand and long consideration on another. Really first idea, when I thought about it in 2006, while I lived in Tashkent, so I just thought about to draw a girl in White, clean, sincere & pure. Then just after we moved to St. Petersburg, i found that I could show it through the ballerina. So during a while I was considering to paint a Ballet dancer sitting and thinking. But I didn?t feel that this idea with Ballerina match the idea I wanted to convey in this painting. ?Cause in m case when I am thinking about Ballet dancers, they are very light for my idea, I mean not so much serious. So I don?t feel this character was exactly what I was needed for this panting. This Feb. finally I began to paint and this week I?ve finished the last part of this triptych. Though I am still watching the last canvas, searching any mistakes.

How did appear 2 more? When I was finishing paint White. I understood and felt she is impossible to be alone. So I though what and who can be next her. And in that evening I was sitting on the floor doing some sketches for future works. And some girls on my sketches and drafts seemed to me could work with White. So I draw small White and put them all together? I like a composition and I decided to complete it?

Technique: Work is made in abstract style. For a moment I like to use a paint knife, so this work again made with paint knife and small paint brushes. I still remember one cool Painting I saw in ArtWanted in 2005. It was a Violin player with viola and behind him was a red chair? The technique was divine of this work? But since that day I still can?t fid this work on If smb knows this painter or this is work, please feel free to leave me a comment about it (Though even if you don?t know out this artist please feel free to tell me what you think about this my triptych).

White Red Black

Consideration of a name: Why ?White, Red & Black?? Hmm, well don?t go too far and don?t wait anything fantastic about it? Red, Black & White are my favorite connection of the colors. Yeah, I saw people wait I will use full palette. For a moment while I didn?t publish them all together nobody, but you knows that this panting is a triptych.

About Special offering? With this work I decided to make some kind of little offer for my clients. This work is available for purchasing as in parts, as I complete. And separated pieces cost – $600 each one. But three parts together ? only $1300.

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