Have an interesting story about appearance of this painting… …Finally in one of weekends, Sunday got a time for painting. Awaked early in 6 a.m. Without any breakfast went to my room to paint and I don’t know why but that morning I have a desire to paint Kitten… I had a squared canvas and I begum to do it…. Also it was one of the first works for this last period of time when I am using a lot paint-knife. So I began, and kitten began to appear very sad… I painted till lunch (I have made all without details) when I was taken to go to have lunch to one place… But an arriving to that place for me didn’t happen. On the way there I fighted with a person I was with. And I left taxi in one of crosses when taxi stoped..Funny lol, Lima is not so common city for me, and I to e honest that time taxi used another way to arrive to place and i absolutely don’t know where am I… Well I just looked to sun and understood with witch corner in this part of day sun rays fall. And over 20 minutes of my walking I came to one Casino(NY) witch I saw many times when I passed by in taxi. And it made me calm a bit ’cause finally I found out where am I. And it also made me sure I use the right way to come home. Well over 1.40 minutes I arrived home. And without any lunch returned to my painting and in 20.30 that evening “Sad Kitten” was done completely… So what is strange in that painting…. Strange the thing how I knew in the morning about I would be sad in the lunch time… Or I painted that and that’s why it happened?? Though I am used to think that we all have a connection with Highest layer space and we all could know and feel sometimes what could happen.

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