Flowers & Paper

These three works appeared in the same tim, may be during 1 month. First during two days I painted 2? canvases with “Camomiles” & “Flowers & Paper”. They both are combined oil painting with acrylic. Just wanted to practice with flowers, and paint something tiny and sweet. And also to try with acrylic a bit.


Another painting “Lily” appeared may be week later. I used a paint-knife to paint this painting. Only for some details I used a small paint brush.


Anyway it was so grey in that time in my life I mean as on the inside same way on the outside in the world. Grey city. For me this city was not only grey outside but also on the inside. When i ws there I could see this color in the eyes of million people who constantly lived inside this city… So I suppose main reason why I painted these three works was the need of colors. Hot bright south fantastic colors nothing more.

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