Confusion in Autumn. Or 11 days of the hell.

The idea of this work based on the horrible time of my life, on these my feelings, thoughts. Yeah, for the first look it is pretty work. Who can say that it is hell? Everything is nice, beautiful, normal. But it’s only externally. It’s not such inside. It is very unsteady and ambiguously. This construction is my inner universe. And it is independence of those three fishes.They are swimming between stones. They are very little even small sweet and nice… BUT, but the construction can fall and break off of any tiny movements of those sweet fishes. These fishes are one person who was on my mind and in my thoughts. And these fishes also tell about that silence which was between me and that person. And one more reason why I chosed fish, like a image or like a character for this person… Really don’t know why I decided to sow him as a fish. First I just added three fishes in my sketch and when i was in process of painting I understand that fishes are exactly the thing I needed to use. Cause he is a pisces. The clocks say that 11 days aren’t big time though for me the time went and went, and didn’t want to finish…

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