Bottles or another name the Bottles appeared in summer 2004. I was just simply painting a home work while my summer holidays. I put the bottles to the window, some piece of drapery. And sat myself at the floor next to the window that to have a bit strange perspective. The work was going quickly. I was painting and meanwhile was talking to mom and some my friends. They were all also obsessed about such idea to paint some bottles on the window and with the rays of sun going through the glass of a bottles. And so they brought me an idea to paint one more still-life, with glass, but more surrealistic. Still-life with name “And there was a morning…”

Which I have begin more later, probably in October, and then I had some problems with it… And I was stoping work few times and thinking about how to decide it. So this still-life was finished only at the next year before New Year. Anyway I like these bot still-life not only because that is mine still-lifes, but also when I am looking on them I feel as I get the mood of those days I was working on them

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