My second order…

When I finished my irst order, it was a bit sad time, I thought, yeah how it was good to have an order… But when I will get new next order, how to get it… But funny thing just yesterday I had meeting with Kate, we had a tea, a conversation about finished paintings and etc… And tomorrow, at the next day, when we had 2 work day, I had accidental conversation with one woman. She liked my paintings, and she liked the last two portraits, and so she decided to ask me could i help her tomake a gift for her daughter birthday. It will be at the next week. And that it is so good that we talked today, because she was so lost, she couldnt make any good present and didnt have any idea. So at the next day her daughter came at the evening, that i could talk to her and to make some photos of her. Her mother also brought me some her photos. I made a quick sketch. And her mother was glad. So at the evening, when I met Olya, i asked her: “Do you remember our Last Conversation, I told you that I am painter, listen, I need your help. Currently I work on one painting, very big, there will be 3 girls, so I have two. But I need one more. So could you make me a favour, I will sit you, and wll make some photos of you, because you are very close to idea i want to explore in this painting, so deal, ok??? No matter what dress you have… She ah, wow, painting wow, interesting of course i can. So I made shots, and in next three days her portrait was done completely. Her mother wanted a classical portrait, like a portraits by Borovikovsky. And the angel in the sky is also her idea.
Weird part, she, daughter was a bit fat in that time I painted her, and her mother asked me to make her a bit less. So I did, and in next month her daughter changed to her portrait look.

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