Something weird … 

I didn’t understand, but I felt something weird in this my painting while I was painting it.
First I couldn’t change anything in it. This painting wanted to be just the way it is, just such it is now, just such as I have imagined it at first when I made a pen-sketch in one of my copybooks. Few times I wanted to change something there, I tried to do it. But anyway I came back to the first idea. It seems like it didn’t allow me to change anything. This painting lives outside of me.Then another weird thing while I was about to finish this painting, smb wrote me a comment in my guestbook, and compared my works with paintings by Giorgio Chirico. I have so great shame to write this lines now, but really in that time I even didnt know such painter like Giorgio Chirico. Anyway I checked his works. I’ve found his paintings in Net. And one of his paintings surprised me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. The one called – “Love Song”. And I was wondered ’cause in this his LoveSong, I found details of my painting I was working on that time.

And at last another interesting thing, on the Sunday’s evening when I was working on this painting and with my ears were watching TV (: –  just listening. There were the show EuroVision 2006. There was D. Bilan from Russia. I so many times heard and listened to this his song ( “Never let you go”). I so many times watched his clip to this song. But I was so surprised when I heard and saw this his song on EuroVision. His show also so reminded me my this painting. And it seems not only to me. My mom also found some likenesses between this his performance and this my work. The most simple likeness was in the rose-petals and in the white figure of strange person.

Another time it’s confirmed that the ideas are floating somewhere on the high levels of the atmosphere accessed by some number of people 🙂

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